Thursday, 25 June 2009

Take ninety squares of fabric

Add thirty children, around about age 6.
Divide the group into two.  Dye up the
squares.   Pleating, flag folding and
scruching.     Have cup of tea.

the washing

the ironing

Another day in the Marquee at Walford Mill.  It must be summer.  
As part of a local School visit - sixty children in all, working 
with artists.  Other activities included making a self portrait 
wooden figure, and papier mache bird heads.   These looked 
pretty amazing laid out on the grass, drying and then to be painted.

My next task is to make all the little flags into bunting.


Carol said...

That will look fabulous. Where will you hang it?

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Carol - the bunting will fly at the Mill August Bank Holiday for their cultural day. Then it goes to live in the school