Monday, 22 June 2009


and pole wrapped on Saturday.  The weather was not as
warm as I would have liked - buckets of indigo wrapped
in newspaper to maintain the warmth.    On Sunday, with vats
ready, they were up and at it, producing swathes of blue
cloth.   So gorgeous I could happily have taken them of
the washing line and home.

When I could drag them away from the vats, we 
explored rusting fabric with ferrous sulphate, plus
colour stripping using brushes and printing blocks.

A few photos of indigo shibori produced over
the weekend.  

Clamping No 2

Indigo dyed cloth with potassium permanganate.
Fabulous colour.

After washing out

Wrapped pole just doing it's own thing

Wrapped cotton and silk, and Japanese Larch stitched shibori

Only a tiny taste of cloth produced over the weekend.
Pretty impressive I think.   Never enough time to take
photos, life gets somewhat frantic around indigo vats
and enthusiastic students.  We all went home, tired
but very happy.


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous.

Sue said...

I slept most of yesterday! But oh! what a wonderful time we had. All my pieces are now washed and dry and I'm hoping my ball-gown making will soon be over so I can get a vat of my own going. Thanks for a really brilliant weekend. x

jude said...

i just have to come see you and learn this.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thank you Ruth.

Fantastic work Sue - I forgot to take some pix of your indigo overdyed with rust. Yummy.

Jude - you're welcome, but please make sure you pack the sun in your suitcase.

Trish Goodfield said...

Hi Tiggy

I write a craft column for a local magazin ein Australia. I would love to use some of these images in the column. Please let me know if this is OK