Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Catch up time

Some how I seem to be involved in making Journal Quilts with 
three different groups.   This will have to seriously be reviewed 
at the end of the year!  
Right now I have a quiet few days before total chaos next week,
three workshops, dentist, hairdressers - this will end with a flight
 to Athens, Greece, followed by a ferry to Naxos.   Ten glorious
days in the sun doing not a lot.
So, odds and ends being tidied up, old and new projects to be 
considered, and Journal Quilts to be stitched.
A good thing about JQ's they make you think, and you do get 
to try out different approaches, which, might or might not get
  used again.    Enter Flour and Water Paste - yuck - the chosen 
technique. Fortunately at Summer School Jette introduced us
to F&WP on silk screens.  Yes - see above. Result.   Still on 
a limited palette, I really must invest in more textile paints!

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