Thursday, 4 June 2009

Summer School

A fabulous weekend - good company, too much good food, 
fantastic weather.   Our tutor's luggage ended up in Nice,
only to be delivered two hours before the end of the workshop. 
There was just enough time for Jette to show her latest 
quilts, which then made sense of all the surface marking
techniques we had been messily making over two days.

Mark making with found objects



At last more than one colour - my silk screen
with remains of flour and water paste resist.

All together now;  lost the white background; rubbings;
black screen print with 'voids'; flour and water paste
resist; cerise and yellow print.

Learnt lots. Dealt with the bringing wrong paints. Had only
textile screen paints black, cerise, a very pale turquoise 
and yellow to work with. Since the first exercises were
restricted to one colour, it did concentrate the mind.

And then there was the gelatin plate printing. brilliant.
More on that in next post.

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Barbara Cheeseman said...

Thank you for kind words on my blog, Tiggy. And for pix of the CQ summer school - the black/white monoprint is interesting, what does it remind me of? All the printing pix make me want to get out paints and fabric and see what I can find to print with NOW!