Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dyeing , Printing and Stamping

A basket of brights

Now I am getting ready to go to Summer School this 
weekend. My tutor, Jette Clover.  Oh, I am getting excited.   
We will be printing and mark making.  The Requirements 
List is LONG.  Fortunately I have most of the things listed, 
it's just a case of finding  everything.   It's going to be so 
good just playing.

Dress for Mess - no problem.  Dug out a couple of 
old black t shirts, already worn and somewhat stained.   
Gave them a makeover with discharge paste.   A chance to 
try something that has been in my mind for a while.  I added
 colour pigment to the paste.   It did work, although I think 
I could have added more.  Anyway, the t shirts look 
slightly more stylish, and ready for an outing.

Orange and blue, just about visable

A mix of colours here, but more pigment needed

Packing almost done - no room for these fab Indian Blocks


sandra wyman said...

I'm excited too for the same reasons and the same tutor - pity I didn't think about a stylish discharge-dyed t-shirt. Ah well, just have to be my usual scruff. Visitors I cleared up the house for just gone - and I can't remember where everything got put! Help!

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I shall look forward to seeing you modelling these t-shirts one Monday at jean's!