Sunday, 10 May 2009

Magical Day

Fresh from touring Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, The Paper Cinema
appeared in Bristol Old Vic and held it's first childrens' workshop.
I got to help out.  Brilliant.   See link for some idea of the concept!
Think silent movie being performed before your eyes. No words,
only live music - a story with illustrations both beautiful and scary.  
I have to admit an interest here - proud Mum.

We had a great time, the children created paper puppets - tables
piled high with materials to use - cardboard, tissue, pens,
lots of glue was involved - and performed their own Paper Cinema.  
A few photos - very difficult lighting conditions, so just a little taste.

Nic  and Imogen giving a show for the children.

Other colourful characters soon appeared


Aspiring puppeteers

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amandajane said...

What a clever lot you are! It looks fantastic - can we persuade Nic to cross the Tamar to entertain the children of Cornwall???