Friday, 8 May 2009


Not a lot of textile action this week.  Something 
different today though, a workshop on collagraphy.  
Fascinating, and the process can be used on textiles.

Sample boards made to get some idea of the process.
A lot of "backward" brain work, negative/positive, 
texture and tone etc. Cutting into mount boards, 
lots of gluing,  paper, string, leaves, oatmeal. Sealing
with shellac.  All very satisfyingly messy!

Next week, learning how to ink up boards and printing.

Three small boards ready to go.


Ruth Anne Olson said...

I'm enjoying your blog, and am now following it.

jude said...

this looks like it will be a wonderful thing. watching

Tiggy Rawling said...

All will be revealed on Friday. Good or indifferent.
Who knows?