Monday, 18 May 2009

Too Many Hats

This one escaped from last blog.
Red plate inked in white, printed on black paper.

Last week should have been a sloppy, but creative time.  
Keith away with his chums for a golfing holiday in Turkey;
time to splash and bang, stitch, dye, make a general mess.  
Eat when hungry, raiding fridge and cupboards, shopping
only when there is nothing left but a tasty, incredibly smelly
Camembert Nic brought back from France.  In reality it was 
amazingly chaotic.

The office was open for The Paper Cinema e mail catch up 
and paperwork.  Two evenings of rehearsal.   Veggie feasts 
all round.

Found time to stitch two Journal Quilts, in between sorting 
out stock for The Indian Bazaar.

A fabulous day with collographs, then setting up shop with 
Lis my fellow shopper. A glass or two of wine and nibbles 
helped the evening along.

My daughter Amanda came up from Cornwall to join in the
fun - The Bazaar had lots of visitors, really busy.   Collapsed
in heap after cooking a delicious curry.

Sunday another busy day in The Bazzar, with the unexpected 
arrival of my sister and her husband, coming down from 
Berkshire to escape teenage angst and not doing homework 
for exams syndrome.

Home alone at last.  Do I put my feet up and sort out mess
tomorrow?   Oh dear, phone call, father in law in hospital.
He had a fall - all ok, no broken bones, but is staying over
for observations.  

Keith will be home early tomorrow morning, so I really must
have a grand tidy up!


Lorie M. said...

I love your recent pieces, I like working in vertical lengths as well..hope your f-i-l is ok!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Lori. FIL is recovering from a slight infection, so still in hospital. DH now home from holiday and has taken over. Hurrah