Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Lots of bitty things to do, so brain can't settle until all filed.
Enter another Journal Quilt - this time for Just 10.  Mosaic
is the theme.   How to?  Well my take is flooring - printed
with thickened dyes, stitched with a grid.   Hmm... this
needs a little something else.  What about putting textile
paints on my DM's and walking on it.  That's better.

A Woman's Work is never Done

A little segment of brain empty.

Next on the agenda is preparing for The Indian Bazaar to be held 
over this weekend.  Scarves, embroidered bags, etc. gathered on
travels.   E-mail for details.


Anonymous said...

Your brain was definitely working. What a wonderful idea. First the tiles, then the shoe printing. (May I ask what DMs are?)

Good luck with the bazaar.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Ruth, nice to meet you. Thanks for your comments. DMs - they are my 'ladylike' clumpy 'Mary Jane' Doc Martin's shoes. Great for stomping and stamping.