Monday, 18 May 2009


My first collograph prints.

Blue Moon

Blue Straw

Orange and Lime Straw

Red print

Red print with white
printed on black paper

I will desist with technical details like intaglio, rollered
paint etc.  Suffice to say I love it.   No time to play again
until the Autumn, although I can make up some plates
in the meantime.   A important lesson learnt - oil paint
inks get every where, unlike dyes that just sink into
skin, clothing and anything laying around.   Also a
challenge working in different media.  Had to put
my brain to work a lot over the two workshops.
interesting to work in a totally different media.


jude said...

i love it too....very inspiring...

Anonymous said...

These prints look luscious. I really like collagraphy. Last year I used a foam roller w/dye over textured surfaces, which was quite satisfying. I want to make more of my own textured surfaces. Nice blog - I found you through Jude.