Friday, 5 June 2009

The Gelatin Plate

I bought Rayna Gillman's book, looked at the pictures.
never got round to trying this process.  So, it was great
to find that the workshop included gelatine printing.
Such fun, very wobbly, and additive.

My plate developed a death crack immediately as it
wobbled out of the tray.  I think it had started to
break up due to sitting in the warm sun - lesson learnt.
The top half of the picture shows a perfect print from
my fellow student Lesley's perfect plate.  Below what
you can do with a death crack and then chopping the
whole mess up and printing with 'bits'

Lesley kindly gave me her still perfect plate, transported
home with care.   I played for a couple of hours printing
in slabs of colour, all very fine, but then I really started
playing and came up with these interesting surfaces.

Tomorrow I am taking the first of the Dyeing Days
workshops here.  On Sunday I plan to paint or stencil
the cloth and see what happens.   I have just remembered
I still have the slightly shabby plate in the fridge.
Better go and check it out - still useable I wonder? 
I could managed an hour this afternoon!


Rayna said...

Beeeeeautiful! Tiggy, you want your plate to develop cracks --it's what makes them so interesting (and you can't get that from a plexi plate or even a collagraph. It is way cool, isn't it?!

Glad you sent me to your blog - oh, dear, now I'll have to subscribe because it's such fun to read.

Tiggy Rawling said...

thanks for visiting. I so enjoyed the process/playing. Big girls play school?!!

Anonymous said...

Cracks are good. Some of my best pieces from Rayna's class are the ones where the gelatine cracked. I was very rough on the plates and ran through three in the class.

Carol said...

I must look into this gelatin printing it is new to me I think.
My sandwhiches are usually the first thing that comes out of the fridge and is soft. I have quite a few tubs of soft and cottage cheese. I cant slice things up and avacado is a nightmare. They will probably wonder why the inside of my plaster is green when it is removed on Monday.
I can play my clarinet which suprised me ( so long as there are not too many b's they are a bit of a stretch but it is good excersise.
I find my hands hurt when I am typing so this is quite hard for me which is why I have not been commenting etc much
I was sorry to hear that Kay Jones had died. I expected to see something in the Guild magazine but it had probably already gone to the printers. I expect there will be something in the next one I may write a bit for the West country Quilter from my point of veiw.

Judy Alexander said...

I too have Rayna's book but still have not tried the gelatin plate printing. Looks like so much fun!

rivergardenstudio said...

These are wonderful... so exciting with the surprises and cracks! Roxanne