Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Colbalt, Ultramarine, Klein, Aegean, Indigo

Feeling Blue

Decorating done; Indian Stitch workshop in the
conservatory on Saturday;  chiropractor on Monday.
The skies are grey, it is cold and very very wet.

Stitching the Blues

Taking it easy after hips, etc put back in place, with
a little catch up on the ironing - do not even talk about
housework, another day.  Sorting out indigo bits from
last year I stitched them together in a somewhat
haphazard (but pleasing!) way and spent the last
couple of days stitching with no preconceived plan.
A slow summer cloth.



Cathy Cullis said...

beautiful work... I found your lovely blog via Jude of Spirit Cloth

jude said...

hey....i love all your slow blues

fiona d said...

I love this peaceful stitching