Saturday, 12 June 2010

A different view

My table/demo space.   Looking at wonderful greenery and plants.

My three indigo hangings.  The first one on the left, 
pukka piecing, the second one raw edge piecing,
and the third totally raw edge and hand stitching.
I love the feel of this quilt, it is calling for more of
the same to be cut up and made into a loose
Japanese style jacket.  In the background there
are barbecues and bags of charcoal.  Talking of
which, we have tandoori prawns on the go, just
about ready to enjoy - before himself gets
totally absorbed in the World Cup.  That will be 
me in the kitchen then!


Patty said...

Those indigo pieces are wonderful!
I'd like to get up close and explore.
Your workspace is also inviting.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Patty. In the foreground of my workspace is my stitching project to keep me sane. The May journal quilt - which might be finished by the end of June!