Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Well, hello.

Dorset Arts Week(s) finishes this weekend.   Been pretty busy, 
setting up, meeting and greeting, just being there over the weekends.    
Good fun though,and exhausting.   A couple of workshops thrown in 
for good measure.

A highlight of last week, you will have to indulge me here!  My son 
Will brought young Ben down for a stopover.  His first visit to 
Dorset.  The weather glorious and we found ourselves on the 
beach at 7.30am.

Ben's first paddle 

My turn.  Sandbanks and Shell Bay looking fabulous.
Only a few dog walkers at this time of day - later it
will  be crowded.

There are dolphins out in the bay.
This is the nearest I can get today,
the base of a Poole lamp post.

Drain cover

Sunny drain cover!

and finally, back to the dye plot to replenish 
dyed yarn.


Rayna said...

Ben is too cute for words! Love the hat. Your drain cover pictures remind me of when I last visited my cousins in Suffolk and the drain covers were so wonderful that I had to go out and buy fabric crayons so I could do rubbings in the street. LOL.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Rayna, What can I say, being a first time Grandma!
Ah Suffolk, that's where I come from. Didn't look at the drains covers then , but the old brasses on the church floors were amazing for rubbing