Wednesday, 9 June 2010

still catching up

It's lovely being a bit busy, a bit lazy and just doing - for the moment!

I rediscovered these pix from the last indigo dyeing session before
DAW.  Velvet and muslin scarves mainly, plus a little batik.

As a treat I bought these fab long handled tjantings.
Sparkling copper bowls, three different shaped
spouts, plus a double spout.  I doodled.

Here's the piece again on the line with
muslin scarves - third dip.  You'll have
to imagine!

Scrunchy marks on velvet.

I will be having Saturday Indigo days in August.
For more information, mail me, if you live
close by.

Must go and tidy myself up.   Open the dressing up
box for a suitable Indian outfit.  Giving a talk on Indian
textiles and a hands on dyeing session to teachers
as a Creative Twilight Session.

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