Thursday, 17 June 2010

Time to smell the roses

It's been a busy six 
weeks, filled with 
workshops and Dorset 
Arts Week thrown
in for good measure.

Yesterday a Shibori 
workshop with a 
fabulous group of 
ladies.  have to
say it was good to 
get dyeing again.

Father in law, now a 
frail 92, with dementia
kicking in big time, is 
off to a respite home
for two weeks.  

We are escaping to a Greek Island for  much needed 
break.  24/7 alarm clock switched off - hurrah.

In the meantime, clearing clutter, finishing off the 
May Journal Quilt and then I think packing might 
be high on the agenda.

There is Summer School to look forward to at the
beginning of July.  Later shibori and indigo 
workshops in the conservatory.   No need to pack and unpack 
all the essential workshop 'ingredients'. Raw Talent exhibition goes 
on 'tour' to Bridport in August.  In theory all ready to go!  We shall see.

In the meanwhile time to relax.


sandra wyman said...

Have fun - see you at Summer School

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting up and just 'playing'!