Saturday, 19 June 2010

It had to be done

Tidying the conservatory.  Left over dyes from 
Wednesday.  Two long silk vests - cream.   Why waste
the dyes?   So here we have a bundle of dyed
threads, two vests in a tray, and a hat!

A mix of blues and a little magenta

A unknown mix - result a terracotta with light mossy
green, pale yellows and blues, rather like verdegris.   
The mystery is where did this colour mix come from?  
Probably the pot I throw small amounts of dye to
 make 'murk'. As 'murks' go this is a good one.

Much better, I feel I can lurk unseen around 
the fishing boats.   Jury out on the hat.

Back to the clearing up.  Of course, I now have more
mess then when I started.

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