Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April showers

It's quite exciting, in a strange way.  There are days when you feel the sun on 
your back, and then there is the reminder of colder days.   

This evening the skies have darkened, hail has rained down - oh, my little seedlings
in the veg plot!  Amazing light.  Very powerful.  Here the sun is setting, taken from
my workroom window.  You might just see the raindrops.  The sky is now turning into 
what promises to be a dramatic sunset.

Such are the seasons, and why we Brits go on about the weather!   Hey ho, spring
is the precursor to summer, it can only get better.

My indigo seeds are taking an age.  Three seedling thus far.  The temperature is
somewhat erratic, I might have to plant a few more seeds.  The marigolds and 
dyers chamomile seedlings are going strong, in fact I think I might have to share
with friends, which is a good thing.

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