Friday, 27 April 2012

The Circle quilt is finished.   The deadline was yesterday, and I made it.  I'll post a 
picture early next week.  As ever, it is the stitching of the binding and label that 
takes time, plus losing the odd thread or two.  I enjoyed the process in a strange
sort of way, and I might just follow on the circle theme,  listening to Indian
music along the way.

It will form part of a display of quilts by Infinity, on the theme of Kandinsky, at the Brockenhurst Textile Fiesta, held in Brockenhurst in the centre of the New Forest,
Hampshire over this weekend.

So, today I find that the publicity blurb has me down as 'quiting', minus a 't', and not quilting'.   That's not good.   Spent most of the morning trying to understand why this 
should happen.  The organisers were very apologetic, which is nice, and are trying to 
make amends.    Still so many unanswered questions.

Tomorrow, whilst I would rather relax after a hectic few weeks, will find me as a 
trader, fighting my corner and convincing all that I am definitely not quitting.  

In the meantime, I'm gathering all my Indian goodies for my sales table.   Dyeing up a 
new batch of threads etc.

The good news is that already I have a commission for two smaller versions of the 
Circle.  I'm happy about that, since I really didn't want to do it in the first place!

End of rant.   That feels better.  If you have got to the end of the post, thank you!

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Radka said...

Well done on finishing your quilt on time! And I am so glad you are not "quiting"!!!
I must admit I would find difficult making the same quilt twice, I get bored too quickly :)