Monday, 2 April 2012

out of the vat

Today it is bright and sunny, but there is a nip in the air.  Frost on the cars 
first thing, brrrr.  Glad I took advantage of warm days last week for a couple of 
bucketfuls of indigo.

a little picture show of some of the fabric that emerged from the blue

thin stripes


pole wrapping




and, for fun, a hippie swirl

there is also plain dye indigo, scrunched and clamped
plus fine cotton thread

my indigo cupboard does not look quite so empty now

This week I am, at last, setting up a website.   My store will be revamped and 
appearing on the site very soon,  as long as I can get my head round the 
technicalities!  A bit of a brain work out I think.

To start, I will offer indigo packs of 12 5" squares and scrap bags with lots of small 
but useful pieces.   Procion dyed thread packs, fabrics and embellishments.

If you can't wait for the website to open, or would like some larger pieces before
they get cut up, contact me!

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Anonymous said...

Liking this lots and lots! ;-) Gilli