Friday, 20 April 2012

A Parson's Egg Week

(good in parts)

It started off well.  Delivering a quilt to be included in Make 52.  An exhibition at 
Walford Mill opening on Saturday, which will be very interesting indeed.

Caroline Parrott, Education Officer at the Mill, embarked on a huge undertaking
to create a piece of art or craft once a week for a whole year.  She chose a  maker/artist
for each week, working along side them, where possible.  

I was Maker 42 - the answer to life according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Coffee and a catch up with my friend Hilary later in the afternoon.

I was hoping to get down to some fabric dyeing, of the Procion variety,  still too cold
for indigo.  Alas, I was struck down with a 'flu bug, I hardly had the energy to stitch
my Circles quilt.   The next day was spent mostly in bed!

Feeling better on Thursday I exercised my brain with Blogsy!    

All is lovely in the garden though.   Proper April showers, unlike this time last year 
when we had 'summer'.   Real downpours, hail, thunder and lightening.  So much
for the drought restriction orders.

the woodland garden is awash with wood garlic, bluebells and primroses

we can hear the beans growing in the veg plot

tulips feeling a bit soggy after another deluge

According to the stats on my website there has been lots of 'hits'.   If you
have, thanks for visiting!  Little parcels have been posted, and
right now there is one in it's way to the States.

I had great plans this week to add more content, but life took over.
I have included some note books in the Bazaar

here's a few
limited stock until I go shopping in November.

Perhaps next week into the dye pots.  An indigo vat 
would be very nice!  Hey ho, summer is surely
just around the corner.


Radka said...

Hi Tiggy! I hope you are feeling better! The weather doesn't help, as we have winter again :( Boring...

leilani said...

Oh. . . that's my little packet wending it's way to 'rainy' California. Can hardly wait.