Thursday, 3 January 2013

a good start

Festivities over, empty fridge, loads of washing and cleaning,
which can wait for another day.

Oh joy, meeting up with my friends again at The Mill.   Hard to
believe we have been gathering together every two weeks since
1994.   Many stitches have flowed through the cloth over the years. 

We all brought along pieces to be included in the Horizon Exhibition
at The Mill, which runs  from 12 January to 24th February.    There is a
preview event from 2-4pm on Saturday 12 January.  You are welcome
to come along.

Lovely to look at the individual pieces, and we all definitely have our
 own 'signatures' now.

My contributions

circles quilt (detail)


"Bits and Pieces"
Indian Applique

some colour to brighten up winter days


Gaia said...

Such lovely work! I am a new follower. I did browse through some of the older posts too.- Gaia

Radka said...

I like both of yours, but I love "Bits and Pieces"!