Monday, 21 January 2013

keeping warm

we are experiencing real winter weather, even here on the sunny south
coast of England.   We had a goodly covering of snow and with temperatures
hovering around freezing it's still hanging around.   I should have taken a shibori
workshop on Sunday, which was cancelled due to the weather.   Actually, I was
quite glad.   My prepared Procion dyes really don't like the cold!   It's been
rearranged for the end of June, when we will probably have monsoon rain!

However, a good time for stitching.   The kurta quilt is progressing.   Sashing
stitched to the squares, so now I have 5 x 6 rows.    Horizonal sashing strips
prepared, and then there are the joining squares

a little pile is gathering  I am hoping to put the quilt together by the
end of the week

whilst rummaging through fabric baskets a little sampler of
Indian embroidery and mirror work.   I added a few more
stitches before filing so as not to loose it again

a blast from the past

seven appliqued stars on indigo dyed linen background
and I see I had started filling in the star with Kantha
stitching - the needle and thread are still there

goodness me,   this one deserves finishing

and finally, a dish of winter vegetables ready for roasting

warm wishes to you all


Radka said...

I have a similar(not as good) sampler of Kantha, from a workshop with
The best place is at home right now!
Take care!

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I love the colour of your star against the indigo - gorgeous! I would love to buy some of your block printed fabric if you have any in stock - I'm off to take a look. Should I send you an email? Liz

Tiggy Rawling said...

Such a surprise, that star has been hiding for too long.
Plenty of block printed fabrics in stock. Do take a look.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Radka, You are such a good embroiderer you put me to shame! I love these little felt samplers, you can just go with the flow, adding a little here and there. A good way to try out different techniques. Beware you can get carried away!