Thursday, 24 January 2013

amazing indigo

As we know, last year was not the best growing season.   My indigo plants, from seedling
to flowering, had to be cosseted through spring, summer and autumn.

I managed to process a small amount of blue eventually, before the flowers appeared.
Then the nights started to get cold.   In came the eight plants to the relative warmth of
the conservatory.    Fed, watered, and the occasional blanket of fleece for protection.
Flowers appeared.  This was towards the end of October.

We were off to India at the beginning of November, what to do?    I brought them into
my room and Nic gave them water when he called in to check all was well in the house.
On our return at the end of November I was greeted with the amazing sight of loads
and loads of seeds.    Would they actually germinate I wondered.

The plants looked tired.   They had done well, all considered, so compost bin time.
I kept back one plant just to see what would happen to it.    The plant gradually died
back, but wait, what could I see?   Some indigo seedlings!     These must be a hardy
breed.   It is so cold in the conservatory right now and I am flabbergasted.     I think I
will just leave them, rather than potting them on.   It might be too much of a shock.
However, my little sash of seeds will be planted in April with the hope of a good crop
and, weather permitting, a good harvest of indigo leaves.

Looking back to a workshop with children at Walford Mill,  on possibly the warmest and
sunniest day last July, Caroline  took this picture.    Isn't it great?   Those little blue hands,
the peek of green and the deep blue of the vat.    Roll on summer!

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Radka said...

Yes, I agree wiht you, roll on summer! We have seen the snow, been there, done it, lets move on! Although I grew up with the stuff, I much prefer English winters now :-)