Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Stitching in December

The Blue Moon quilt has been on my lap a lot.   
Quilting away, listening to music or plays on
the radio, whilst outside it has either been
pouring with rain or freezing cold.

I've been gathering old kurtas and scraps of Indian block printed 
fabric for some time.   Now they have been upcycled into 
blocks for a quilt

the blocks are sewn by machine, but the sashing is hand 
stitched Indian style applique squares.  This might take a
time!    The little tin is a Christmas present.  Very retro.
 Right now it is full of little squares ready to go.

I am enjoying a quiet time this morning.   Keith and the
boys are out.  There's a mini marathon involved, and
Nic has gone to the beach with his sketch book.

This afternoon I shall be mainly in the kitchen making
big pots of soup and two large Dorset Apple cakes
for lunch tomorrow.   We have a family gathering, and
hearty food will be called for after a morning on the
beach digging sandcastles and playing football.

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