Friday, 4 January 2013

out of the blue

a quilt for Daisy

Some time last century I gave this quilt to Daisy
it's been loved to bits
see blog post 25 June 2012

 This log cabin quilt has been languishing in a
cupboard  and now has a new home

I guess I made it around ten years ago, when I hadn't
really embraced dyeing.   Dark blue cotton, white
and blue Japanese fabric, and dupion silk squares.

I made a start at quilting, using commercial quilting
thread - dark blue.   The quilt got shoved in a cupboard
, half finished, for years!   It was a sort of nice, but a
tad boring, and more exciting textile things
were happening.

Then on one of those days when the only way to
go is to have a good old clear out of the workspace,
the unfinished quilt reappeared and spoke, as in 
please finish me and made me into a
grown up quilt.

I took out all the horrid blue quilting thread, re-drew the stitching 
lines, which are Japanese sashiko quilting designs, and off we went.
This time I used my hand dyed threads, so much more exciting.
And so, with the binding on and the quilt finished, it has spent
the last few years in a basket, along with other quilts.

It surfaced again in November, and it's lovely and needs a
home with someone who will love it to bits.
Aha, Daisy.

detail of quilting

a wobbly machine stitched label!

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Radka said...

Isn't it great when fabrics "speak" to you, I like the transformation :-)

May you need to check your blog settings? Sometimes it has a mind of its own....

Tiggy Rawling said...

Well, it seems to be working now!