Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Bags packed

A few essential items at the top of the bag - novels, reference books, and the all important toilet paper, very versatile!  I now all I have to do is a double check on necessary cables, connectors, plugs and assorted paraphernalia.

Off tomorrow at 5.30 am with my travelling companion, Liz, who is joining me for a week.  

Lunch in Bhuj on Thursday, then a walk down Shroof Bazar, one or two photo opportunities, to say the least.   Next to hunt down a good internet cafe.

Thanks for all the kind comments, and to Barbara Cheeseman and Liz Plummer for the advice to a baby blogger.   I'll get your links up on my page, when I figure that one out.


Willl said...

That’s not a picture of your bag packed ESPECIALLY for India, that’s what you handbag looks like ALL THE TIME (even when you just go up to the broadway)!

Hope you had a good flight looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your pictures over the course of the next month,

Lots of love,

Will x

amandajane said...

Hi There
Hope you had a good journey, look forward to seeing your posts and photos
Amanda x