Thursday, 24 January 2008

Two days and one night in the desert

All very lovely.  Out in the middle of nowhere; a few villages within walking distance, or the option of birdspotting or even more adventurous, taking a jeep up to the Rann - vast salt flats - and driving to within spitting distance of Pakistan.  I took the more leisurely option and did nothing but reveal in the warm sunshine and beautiful surrounds - the Kutchy Kold is taking it's revenge.

Traditional bungo's were one option - why did we choose a tent?  A very fine tent it has to be said, beautifully kitted out with traditional textiles, cushions etc.  Separate bathroom tent, with promise of hot and cold water - well there was cold water.    With the temperature during the day a sizzling 28c,at night a mere 3c we were grateful for the pile of extra quilts and blankets.  Quite cozy really, unless you had to get out of bed.

A useful blockade at the side of the tent - to keep wild animals out?   Nice shapes.  Made by pushing sticks into the ground and covering with mud.

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