Thursday, 31 January 2008


Indian Railways are fabulous - sheets, pillow and blanket all thrown in, and much cozier than my room in Bhuj.   Overnight sleeper, shared with three unknown Indian gentlemen! After arriving in Ahmedabad I took a car to Udaipur.  The roads are so good now, I was two hours early for a date with a HOT BATH.

What are these ladies doing? More in next blog!

  Pictures taken at sunset from my hotel roof.   In order: Ganguar Ghat - general view- the Palace


Sue Wild said...

I've been following your post since I read Barbara Cheeseman's blog with your link. What wonderful scenery in Udaipur,lovely pics. I'd like to know what the women are doing all gathered together, but their clothes, what a blaze of colour! Such a contrast to the pale buildings in the other photos.

I hope you're having a wonderful journey.
Best wishes


Stitchety Grub said...

fabulous pics - I am enjoying "Travelling" with you so much :-)