Friday, 25 January 2008

The Mela

It started with a fashion show at Tundra Vaug, 60k south of Bhuj and right by the sea.  With typical Indian timing it started over an hour late.  By this time I could sense I was in trouble.  Thermal vest - tick.  Warm wrap - no.  With a chill coming off the coast it became more than cold.  However, as I sat frozen in disbelief at what I was seeing, it was certainly worth it.  There must have been an audience of 2500, with a mere handful of white faces.  TV, press etc all there, and, I think, a couple of maharajahs thrown in as well. (There's a lot of them about).

The first part showcased on embroidery students, then artisans involved in block printing, weaving, and dyeing.  All modeled by lovely young things from Ahmedabad, including two rather gorgeous young men, looking splendid in their baggy pants, wraps and slippers with curled up toes.

A real eye opener to the wealth of talent in this small corner of India.  A show which would have graced the catwalks of New York and Paris to great acclaim.

Rabari ladies with graduation certificates

Banni ladies

  Electricity junction box?   Probably for the lights around the trees
Health and safety anyone?

looking towards the catwalk

  The main background picture on the catwalk.  
      Sorry no pictures of the show - totally impossible, 
  but I might be able to get a DVD eventually

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Barbara Cheeseman said...

amazing pix, especially the ladies, and the wall! All that pattern and embroidery.