Thursday, 10 January 2008

On the road again

The flags are out, I'm off to India for a whole month.   I received an invite I could not refuse - to a Mela (festival) in Kutch, western Gujarat.  An exhibition of stitching, with camel cart rides, and hands on workshops to mention but a few items on the agenda.  It is going to be wonderful, 
can't wait.    Check out for more details.

And so to the blog - well it seems a good idea!   I can share my photos and give you a glimpse
 of village life in a remote corner of India.  All this is dependent upon finding an internet connection. Yes, they do have them, but it is so slow - makes you realise how lucky we are.   Then, quite often the connection just goes down - probably camels.   I will post as and when 
I can - keep checking!


Barbara Cheeseman said...

Brilliant, Tiggy!!!
I like the heading backcloth - you'll have to teach me how to do that now. And lovely pix. I do prefer the large siz. Although they can be enlarged by clicking on them I find the smaller sizes hard to see. Great pic of camel's backside.Well i was admiring the fringes really on the stuff in its back. And those flags are such superb colours.

aly may said...

Not that I am jealous or anything, one day I'll get there with you! Blog is brilliant , well done.

I often wonder what Mum would make of us now, let's hope that secretly she would be proud!

Have fun little big sis.

love from bigger middle sis

Aly xxxxxx

kay susan said...

Oh! Looking forward to this. Maybe if you can't 'post as you go' you could blog it when you get back. Lots of textile pics please!

Mandy said...

What a wonderful idea. Got here through the link on Barbara's Blog.
I look forward to seeing the photos of your trip.

strawbs said...

Hi Tig,

I found you! Very impressive indeed. I expect great things - don't let us down please. Lots of comments about sounds, smells, tastes - AND PICS!

Buon Viaggio! Hilary

Annica said...

Hi Tiggy,
Found your blog through Barbaras blog. Looking forward to following you on your adventure!

Hatty said...

Oh my goodness!What an amazing trip you are having and what lovely photos too. I am so lucky to have an Aunty like you.
Can't wait for you to come back and to tell us all about your adventures in Feb when we come down. Boys send they love xxxx
Take care
Love Hatty xxxxx