Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Mela - Part 2

We were a little late in starting off, since our driver forgot.  Still there was a reason - it's Indian Wedding time.  We caught up with this wedding, all signing and dancing, bangra wedding band.  Of course we were invited to join in, and it would be rude to refuse.

These ladies headed the procession, next came the band, assorted relatives, hanger's on, followed by the groom on his dancing horse.   Amidst all this fun we had the balloon man frantically trying to keep pace with demand, and great volleys of Chinese fire crackers.

You will note that the groom's father is wearing a turban in a rather fetching shade of pink, as are the rest of the grooms men.  Who's choice was that?

We arrive eventually, just in time for lunch.  A grand affair with Kutchy curries being served in huge pots - very tasty.

The day was meet and greet, listen to some wonderful folk music, look at the work close up, and, if you fancy it a camel cart ride.

    Splendid Rabari ladie

Camel ride - when the cart is attached to beast, it is 
at a strange angle, difficult to be elegant getting in and out!

Rabari work


Background - skirt with applique squares.  Applique bag to match - stylish? 
I think so!


strawbs said...

Hi Tig,

This is such a great way to keep up with you and almost be with you as you travel around - though 'I'd rather be in India' too! Keep the photos coming and wrap up warm at night. I loved the walls with paintings and slots - reminded me of South African Ndebele art work.

Cheers, Hilary

Stitchety Grub said...

I am enjoying reading your blog so much ... keep it up :-)