Friday, 1 February 2008

Relaxing in Udaipur

Ah, those ladies.  Well this is the story as I understand it!   There must have been over a hundred ladies, all dressed in their brightest attire.  All were given a water pot with a coconut cunningly disguised in muslin.  Apparently this ceremony takes place at both weddings and funerals.  I am happy to say this was a pre wedding one.   The pots are taken to the temple for blessing.
Senior Water carrier

Bride and her bridesmaids ?

There are always little faces looking out at you

A very lazy day -  first wandered over bridge, found a tailor and order a silk kurta and trousers.  
A good start.  Hung out with my musician friend and his wife at Gangaur Ghat - photos later. The spent the afternoon on the hotel roof reading and enjoying the sun.

I took as stroll around the back of the hotel - definitely of the tourist track, as ever
there are always amazing things to see.
There are two other cauldrons out of view.  These guys have been stirring them for 24 hours - dhal, vegetables, meat, and indeed anything else you can think off.  Tonight is the feast.  I was kindly invited, but felt I had to refuse!

This chap is hand carving stone for a new hotel - fantastic work.


Sue said...

Oh, Tiggy, wish you'd accepted the invitation - you'd have had a great experience and I'm sure that accepting hospitality would not have been seen as anything other than what the offer was: a genuine wish to share the pleasure.
I'm so glad that Barbara Cheeseman has introduced me to your blog. I'd rather be in India too, but as a person with restricted mobility and chronic health problems I suspect that would not be an easy undertaking for me. However, I'm so enjoying the experience vicariously. Best wishes and thanks for sharing your trip.

strawbs said...

So good to see that local talent is being used by construction companies and architects. The colours in the saris are wonderfully rich. Have you been invited 'to my factory' yet? Cheers, Hilary