Monday, 11 February 2008

To Ranthambhore

As so we leave Bundie for Ranthambhore, apparently the best place to spot a tiger.

Pleasant three hour drive through the countryside, small villages and farms. Definitely keeping away from National Highways and road works. We did stop along the way, firstly at a large lake full of a variety of duck. egrets and cranes. Then at a small town for a chai break. I'm somewhere by the white car - and a very good cup of chai it was, and most welcome after all the dust.
Ranthambhore is really the National Park, with resorts/ hotels arounds. We have a little bungalow, which is really nice. No hot water as yet, though - but extremely good food.

First morning we went up to the Fort, built 1000 years ago. Amazing place, and I was very
proud to have climbed to the top. Very daunting at first, what with my bad back! Keith was
insistant that I could make it. Well I did, thanks to a series of winding zig zag steps breaking the climb to the top, and a few rest breaks to "admire the view".

The Fort was crowded with pilgrims, some making their way by laying down, marking their body lenght, getting up and laying down at the mark. It was a special day for Ganesh. The Temple has such a mass of people waiting to get in. Here is one jolly chap - or has Keith gone native?

That occupied the morning. The afternoon was our first trip out to find a tiger. We had route 2
a reasonable choice. Plenty of spotted deet, sambal, antelopes (the size of a horse), monkeys, a great variety of birds, but no tiger.

Coming back in the cantor (think single bus few seats and no roof) we froze. and when Keith suggested the early morning safari I was not too impressed! Still that's what we are here for.

Early start, 6.00. Blankets at the ready. First sighting a leopard, quite a rare thing to see.
Not to many animals or birds about, still cold and the sun not making it into the valley. Gradually we feel the sun, and the valley opens out. Great excitement, there are tigers about. Wow..........................................we see five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I say?

Off to Jaipur tomorrow - to the land of good internet service, I am working on dail up and it has taken ages!
Apologies for odd font sizes!!

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strawbs said...

Tig, I am speechless at your good fortune seeing FIVE tigers! What a wonderful experience. How on earth are you going to top that?! Cheers, Hilary