Friday, 8 February 2008


After a bone rattling journey on and off the unfinished NH78, covered in dust, we arrived in Bundi seven hours later. Described as an enchanting small typical Rajasthani town unspoilt by tourists, it certainly lives up to it's reputation. Everybody very friendly, so it is nice to relax and not be constantly bombarded to go into someone's shop.

We did stop off at Chittogarh - the main attraction there is it's huge fort - so many temples and palaces.
All very impressive
A section of wall with old stonework embedded
A frequent design found in palaces and temples
Border motif on 12th century Jain temple
A shrine to Ganesh - many shrines to different gods appear all over, in alcoves, along the road,
in fields etc. All very minimal in design
We came across this group really enjoying themselves. It turned out that they had hired their outfits to
dress up.The giveaway was they had new cameras and a video.

A rather windswept me at the Jain temple. I am still wearing my thermal vest and wrap!
The good news is that the weather is really warming up, and the thermal vest is in the case.
I am borrowing the hotel computer, having tried all sorts to get a connection. Such nice people. I'll post this, and see if I can get another one off before I have to hand over to reception - already advised a French lady where to get lunch!

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