Monday, 18 February 2008


Posting from home - yes, we're back.  Arrived home in the early hours of Saturday.  I gave up 
trying to find an internet cafe in Jaipur.   With not much time left, decided to just enjoy Jaipur.

This blog is in two parts - Blogger is playing silly games, and I thought it would be easier 
at home!

Another chance for a train ride from Ranthambhore - only two hours, pleasantly spent looking 
at the scenery going by.  Scrub land, goats and sheep;  mustard and wheat crops; great lumps 
of rock rising out of the land, inevitably with a fort and/or temple on top.

We shared our carriage with two army boys, one was really interested in my Lonely Planet 
guide - never mind that by this time it was quite disgusting having had a pot of honey accident 
in a plastic bag en route.  Although a bit sticky, still just about readable for the last lap of 
our journey.

A trip to Amber Fort just outside Jaipur.   It is huge, not inhabited, so there are many nooks and corners to get lost in - ask me how I know?!!!

Amber Fort having a make over.   At one time the only way up was by elephant, or a 
very steep climb.   New walkways have been built - not so steep, thank goodness.  
The whole of the Fort is undergoing restoration, no mean task.   It did mean we couldn't get 
close to some of the wonderful rooms, but it will look fabulous when finished (in time for the Commonwealth Games next year - or am I being cynical?!!) well worth a visit anyway.

The Fort Sadhu - note collection tin for donations from photographers

An elephant taxi leaving Amber Fort.   Only ten elephants work here now and just in mornings.  
 Due to poor conditions, there is now a plan for an elephant 'garage' nearer the fort.  
At present they have to walk 11km each way and suffer terribly in the hot weather.

One of many niches in a small pavillion.  Mirror glass (shisha)inset 
in white marble.The border is black marble inset into white.
This area is now closed off - at one time is was possible to go
inside the Shish Mahal - Mirror Room.  The door was closed and
a candle lit, the effect was magical.

The end of a busy morning

I have a few more images from Jaipur which I will put on a new blog - I think I might have used up my alloted page space!

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