Monday, 18 February 2008

A very tempting invitation after
a month on the road - but what to choose?

I have had such a fabulous time.  Met loads of interesting people, seen amazing things, and learnt the Hindi word for 'cold'.  I knew it would be cold at night, but not so cold!   Even now in Bhuj and and Northern India it is unseasonably cold - when we left the weather was warming up nicely in Jaipur, even discarded my thermal vest on the last day.   Note for the future -11 February is the date, apparently, when the spring officially begins.

Already missing curry - think it might be on the menu tonight!   It does become additive if you have curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It's not compulsory, there is a choice of bland food too!

I often wonder why I keep going back.  There is usually one day when it gets to you!  As Mark Tully says - you're never alone in India.   It is a contradiction, the good the bad and the ugly, not to mention the smelly.  All senses are on full alert.   There is nowhere quite like it.

More pix to follow - I think Blogger is busy and doesn't want to play.

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Barbara Cheeseman said...

Welcome back, Tig! Curry sounds good, can i come round? Looking forward to seeing more pics