Monday, 11 February 2008

Village life

After spending a day wandering around Bundie, we took a trip out to a potters' village. There were about five families involved in making water pots and chapatti toasting plates - all biscuit fired and decorated with white slip. No glaze so very breakable - no chance of taking any home.

Walking through the village, apart from potters, there was a 'general store' and not much else besides.

Everybody wants to have their photo taken. These girls live on a small farm.
The farm had crops of wheat, aubergines, etc. plus mango and papaya trees.
and a lot more besides. A lot of the produce is taken to market.

The start of the basket making process.
She has a very sharp hook held in her right
foot, to strip thin twigs for the basket.
These are then soaked before weaving begins.

The potter's yard, with kiln on right. The pots are
being loaded onto a lorry, conveniently parked in
the road on the other side of their wall.

Potter's children, with unfired pots in background

On the way back we stopped at a Cenotalph.
Six generations of the royal family are buried here.
Some of the monuments are beautifullly decorated,
but all are in a sad state of neglect. It looks like a
scene from Jungle Book - monkeys jumping around
overgrown shrubs, and a cobra house!

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