Monday, 4 February 2008

Out and about again

A painted wall in the palace, such rich colours - wouldn't mind a copy of this in my bedroom.

We spent another lazy day walking around town, meeting with Puish and his family for lunch.  He plays the Indian flute, his young son is learning the tabla, whilst his daughter is studying classical Indian singing.   As ever we were given an informal concert.  Absolutely wonderful.  Over the years Keith has recorded his music, and this time we gave him a CD of himself on flute. clarinet and Indian harmonium.   We have promised to visit again, when we will then go out to his village and meet up with other musicians.  Well, there is another reason to return!

I came across these chaps in a tiny room down a side alley.  They have stretched chiffon on a frame, and using an ari, or tambour hook, are couching down gold thread, and enclosing shisha.

Very intricate work, and from the size of the wound fabric I would estimate that this is a sari length - around 3 mts.  A way to go then.

For all the bag ladies, this could be your favourite shop. 
 Embroidered bags, bags covered in sequins and/or mirrors.  
Where do you start?

An itinerant musician, very jolly chap.  He was playing his stringed instrument
jangling his double blocks of bells.  Interesting rythmn, if repetative!

Tomorrow morning we leave Udaipur at 8.00am for the seven hour trip to Bundi.  A small town of forts, palaces and beautiful wall paintings.  We shall stop along the way, no doubt interesting things to see.   I'll be in touch again when I can source internet connections.

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