Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hello from India

We've been here a week, and this is the first time I have been able to find wifi.

Arrived in Delhi early morning, checked into our hotel, had breakfast, then a rest before we hit town.  So far so good.   We awoke to find the hotel surrounded by policeman, bearing guns, lathi sticks etc. etc.  A bit of a wake up call!   It seems the new Government is investigating hotels and shops in the area to do with the building regulations (and, probably) baksheesh.   12 hotels and 5 shops were sealed that day.   The poor manager was distraught, never mind the guests outside with their luggage!  Eventually we found another hotel, then set off.

Delhi Metro - very clean, fast and cheap.  It is also very, very crowded.

Old Delhi - Chandi Chowk and Kinari Bazaar, the place for baubles and sparkly things.  Teaming with people, handcarts, and bicycle rickshaws - just enough for two to pass, Ben Hur style, hub caps sparking.

Red Fort - magnificent after the clean up for the 2010 Olympics.   Security very tight, and rigorous.    

Delhi - tick on to Agra

We stayed within walking distance of the Taj, and had view from our rooftop restaurant.   Watch the sun set and changing colours through the haze.  Fog, pollution, who knows.

Early start to be there for sunrise at 6.30am.    Already crowds waiting for tickets ay 6.00am
Once inside, of course, it is fabulous.   Oh yes, Andrew Marr of the BBC was taping an interview.   Overheard conversation " I didn't come here to take photographs of AM"

                                                            Dawn, and nobody there!

                                                 Sunshine inside the mosque

                                                    Petra Dura - marble and gemstones

 An hour or so later the Taj has changed colour into a soft buttermilk yellow

On to the wonderful Agra Red Fort

The Baby Taj* 

What a ceiling

Agra - tick

Fatephur Sikri*

Built by Akbar in the 16th c, then abandoned for various reasons, depending who is telling the story.   It's about 45km from Agra on our way to Jaipur.   Visited seventeen years ago.  It was a short stop, too many visits to emporiums, which we didn't want to go to I should say, meant time was short.

Oh, it was well worth returning.  The buildings are made from red sandstone, and a wonder to the eye.    If you want to see some fantastic shots, give it a month and check out Keith's webpage.   Here are my little offerings!

Carved sandstone pillars

That's it for now 

* I'l have to check the names!


a2zbaby said...
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Radka said...

Thank you for sharing this with us, Tiggy:)I love the designs on the marble, great for embroideries.
I managed to book the 12 March, by the way, although a long way away, I look forward to it:)