Friday, 18 November 2011

rock paintings

A day to remember.   With our guide Kukki, we set off early in the morning on a 
voyage of discovery.   Kukki, has been searching the land (and hills) around Bundi 
since he was a boy.   Apart from arrow heads, coins and bronze tools etc. etc., he 
also discovered rock paintings dating from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age.
A lovely man, and a great storyteller.  We were entranced all day long.   His web
site is, well worth a visit.

Out from Bundi the land is very fertile, wheat, mustard growing well.  The rice almost
ready for harvesting.   After a while the scenery changes to a sparse landscaped,
mostly shrubs and trees.    We stop and walk for ten minutes for the first 'surprise'.
A beautiful waterfall cascading down into the valley below.

A walk of 2km in the broiling heat, brought us to a smooth ledge jutting out across
the gorge.     Where vultures fly.   We could see their nesting/roosting sites, and,
there, above out heads were a group of vultures just gliding on the thermals.  Such
a fabulous sight, especially as these birds were on the verge of extinction.

Scrambling up and down, squeezing through small gaps, negotiating thorn bushed,
we were amazed and the rock painting.    We saw only a few sites, and there are
many more.   A few pictures - Kukki's website has more information.

earth colour stones

on the left, a shaman - to his left a hunter with
bow and arrow (and quaking knees)  below
him, a man with a lasso

a group of woman waving and shout to frighten the
animal, play the bowmen on the other side.   It is
thought the women are off African appearance

On the way back we stopped on scrub land, and there beneath our feet, we could
see evidence of worked stone and agate cut into sharp blades.

The country side is the home to the Bhil people.  We stopped at one of the villages
but very few people were about.  Possibly working in the fields.

Bhil houses with typical decoration.  I love the blue
house with the painted train.

We arrived back in Bundi early evening, very dusty, with heads
full of wondrous things.   A fantastic day.


Julie said...

makes me want to draw all over my house!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Me too, and I have some of those stones in my bag!