Tuesday, 22 November 2011

while we were traveling

through the countryside in Rajasthan, we came across a rather jolly gathering.
Sometimes it can be a little problem as to whether it is better to just glance in
passing, or stop.   With our friend Samshul in the car he insisted that it would
be fine to stop.  So we did!

a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the Mundan or Chadakarana 
ceremony, when the baby has his first hair cut.  The ceremony can take place on 
the 1st, 2nd or 5th year.  Once only for boy babies, but with changing times it has
become a practice for the ceremony to be done for girl babies too.

We arrived at the end of the celebrations.   Lunch was coming to an end.  We
were offered delicious cake.  Yum.   The ladies and men eat separately - above
the ladies and children.   

The men were very busy packing up camp, whilst the ladies were still enjoying 
themselves, talking and laughing.   Gifts of tiffin tins were passed around.  Had 
I not been travelling with three men I could happily have joined them, taking up 
the offer of henna painting on my hands.   There again, with a few more miles of
bumpy roads, probably not a good idea.   I can just imagine damp henna paste
decorating the inside of the car.

mattresses being loaded on a bullock cart

and back on the road, another bullock cart loaded with
rice straw.   


I've added a couple more block printing pixs to last posts.   Blogging on the go,
such fun, especially when you find images are too small, no time to alter.  Off
we go again, with no idea of the next wifi opportunity.


Julie said...

Lovely experience! It's what traveling is all about...seizing the moment

Eva said...

The importance of wearing color!