Thursday, 17 November 2011

To Bundi

via Ranthambore, to go on a tiger safari.  Unlike our last visit when five tigers
were spotted, this time, apart from a pug mark, nothing.  I think they have gone 
on holiday.

And so to Bundi.   The old city is a delight to wander through.  Slightly off the 
beaten track, not so many tourist make it here.

Monkeys rush down from the palace in the early morning, to return in the evening.  
Then it's the turn of the bats!

Goats enjoying the morning sun

fresh mooli from the market

Kota Dori cloth being woven.  Kota is the next town, 
famous for the production of this cloth.   Very fine cotton 
scarves dupattas, and saris.  Pattern or single motives
 are added, woven with metallic thread.   

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Julie said...

What a trip...what fantastic and rare images! lucky you!