Wednesday, 23 November 2011

home again

back into London Heathrow to a chilly night, with a little fog
we travelled from Delhi, making our way west into Rajasthan, flying out 
of Mumbai

After all the bother in Delhi, the trip just got better and better, especially 
when we left the big cities and headed out to the countryside.   On the 
smaller roads, stopping for chai, and maybe a stuffed paratha, a delight.  
There were moments, of course, like when the car broke down!    The local 
boys loved it,  lots of help appeared from no where.The mechanic arrived,
 bearing wire and pliers.   A kind gentleman provided chairs for us, and,
later some fruit and chai.  We continued to be objects of curiosity.
The car was declared to have a broken gasket.  After an hour or so, another
car arrived so we could continue our journey.   Ah, this is India!

Our final destination, Udaipur.   Lake Pichola Hotel is like a home from home.
Four days of not traveling, just relaxing and catching up with friends.

Evening flight to steamy Mumbai.  Morning flight to UK

Good bye India, until the next time!

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