Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Testing, testing

From my iPad.

New toy.  Thought it might be convenient when on the move!   And.......there are interesting Apps out there.     Enough for today - my brain is scrambled.


reensstitcher said...
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reensstitcher said...

I made a silly typo in the last one so here goes again.
On my art history tour to Italy this year both the lecturer/leader and one of the participants were using iPads. The leader, who is an art history lecturer, keeps all his lectures on his and that meant we could see wonderful images to supplement the real thing. Very useful when the churches etc. were very dark. So load it up with photos of your work and the things that inspired it and you will be able to travel and show people anywhere.

Tiggy Rawling said...

I'm slowly getting to know my iPad - it's going to be a long journey. Already the envy of my sons, who think they should be there first! It is so much lighter and convenient than my laptop when traveling. Hoping to put it to the test very soon.