Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Journal Quilt

It's almost time to apply for an Indian Visa.   This is approached with caution and a certain nervousness!   Once upon a time our journey started with a visit to the Indian Embassy in London with all the necessary documents.    Passport stamped, cash money handed over, easy peasy.   A stroll over to Covent Garden for lunch and a little retail therapy.

Now Visas are issued by post.    There are hidden traps in the application form.   Every year it is a little different.   Last year Keith's passport and visa arrived, no sign of mine in the envelope.  Panic.   Ah, they required individual envelopes that year.  Credit cards are now accepted, instead of Postal Orders.   A good move.    What will lurk within this year?!!!

with thoughts of flying east in my head the August Journal Quilt took shape

a collage of painted/printed papers, news print, fragments of 
old textiles,  free machine embroidery


Radka said...

My, you have been busy, while I wasn't looking :-))

lei said...

August piece is quite lovely!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thank you Lei. I really enjoyed making this little Journal Quilt. It's slightly different from my normal way of working. Itching to make another one!