Tuesday, 27 August 2013

catching up

I've spent a glorious three days fiddling about with fabric, playing with paint, and stitching.    Three Journal Quilts to complete before the end of the month.    

you might remember this little pile of fabrics dyed with ferrous sulphate

now transformed into my June Journal Quilt

Rusty Indigo

I have three sewing machines, all of which had the sulks on Sunday.    My trusty Pfaff, which is a very basic machine, is the one I use the most.   There is another ancient Pfaff, only twenty three years old, which I also love.   This has been ignored for a while because it is in a cupboard and heavy.    Likewise a Bernina, which is a mere teenager.   

One by one there were missed stitches, creaks and groans.    All had a good clean and oil, a needle change and a bit of a polish.    The little Pfaff eventually decided to come out to play, and stitched away happily.    Obviously they have all been neglected over the past weeks and just needed a little TLC.

Huge sigh of relief - deadline looming and not a machine that worked?   Lesson learnt.

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