Tuesday, 27 August 2013

July Journal Quilt

Spent hours on Saturday painting papers, mark making, which brought to mind The Cola pen.    Delving into the Green Bin I found an aluminium can and set out to make some pens.  Now to find some ink.  Black Quink ink bottle dry, can't guess when it was last used.   Blue ink had to do.   Mark making, trying different ways to make a line, then I had the idea to try them as a batik tool.

I made marks on white cloth, admittedly the pen did not glide quite so well as 
on paper!   Perhaps a little sandpaper on the edges might help.    More marks 
made with a cork, cotton buds and a brush.   A stencil cut for the moon.
Into the indigo vat it went.     I noticed there was a tear in the old fabric.
Never mind, a little kantha darning fixed that.  Please with the result.

 By coincidence, the quilt was completed on the night of the Full Moon.

Moonlight Garden

The third Journal Quilt is almost finished, just a little tidying up of threads.
  It does contain some of my painted papers.  All will be revealed tomorrow.

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LaceLady said...

Quink ink ~ is it acting as a resist when dipping into your indigo vat? This "full moon" piece is gorgeous! Love the mark-making tools!