Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer Workshop

Yes, it was a proper summer day!   Just right.

In the morning tie dye t shirts.    I was kept busy with eight eager children.    Thanks to my helper Jaz, it was such fun.     Busy hands folding, twisting for swirls and binding chickpeas.
Dye pots to the ready.   At the end of the morning session lots of lovely coloured packages.

Usually there is no time for photos, although I managed to take a couple of work in progress.   Ellie had spend most of the time tying chickpeas and beans on her t shirt.  Even before dyeing it looked amazing.

there are interesting things happening on the back too

there was just enough time for Ellie to dye a swirl

Indigo in the afternoon

a different pace
time to prepare t shirts for dyeing
the excitement of the first dip, patiently counting
revealing pattern after final dip
flag folding cloth and pleating socks

t shirts and socks

flag fold

a great day had by all

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LaceLady said...

just the most fun ~ looking at the pictures and imagining being there!