Monday, 19 August 2013

Here comes the rain

or, another day under the gazebo

Marvellous, a week of fine and warm weather.   What happens on Saturday?  Not only
did the temperatures drop, lashings of rain started to fall just as we were about to use the indigo vat.

the vats are sitting in black bin bags, insulated with newspapers

lots of blue cloth achieved despite the weather

just after this shot was taken the wind got under the gazebo.   I was well
and truly soaked as the puddle of rain landed on my back.   In good company
though, it happened to most of us, and we could still see the funny side

Today it is glorious.........grrrrrrrrrr.   Hoping it will stay that way.  At the end of the week I am taking two Summer workshops for children at Walford Mill.   Dyeing t shirts - Procion in the morning and indigo in the afternoon.

The end of indigo workshops for this year.    The first and last in stormy weather, the ones in the middle were perfect.    May be next year I should offer 'pop up' indigo workshops when I know the weather will be just right.   I wonder how that would work?

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